What to Expect at a Glazier Volleyball Clinic:
Our clinics get to the heart of what makes a winning program.

  • 50+ Clinic Sessions
  • 3-4 Topics per Hour
  • Access to Online Drills with the Glazier Vault
  • Top Speakers


You'll walk away from our volleyball coaching clinics with tangible takeaways to make your program better that day. With 50+ speaker sessions at every clinic, you'll get in-depth topics covering this and more:

  • Setting Fundamentals/Drills
  • Serving Techniques
  • Hitting Fundamentals/Drills
  • Rotational & Perimeter Defense
  • Ball Control
  • Receiving the Serve
  • Out-of-System/Transitions
  • Passing
  • Offensive Plays/Priorities
  • Libero Fundamentals/Training Drills


Kansas University
Eastern Illinois
North Dakota
Sough Dakota State
Wisconsin Milwaukee

Winning Coaches Rave About Glazier Clinics:

"I believe Glazier Clinics has developed a great program for all level of coaching professionals. The ability for a school to send a number of their coaches, from a variety of sports, to a well organized, quality coaches clinic is outstanding! I can't think of a program that is a better value for an athletic department to offer as a coaching development tool for all of their coaches!"

Mark Rosen
Head Women's Volleyball Coach
University of Michigan

"I found the Glazier program to be quite beneficial for coaches of all levels and experience. There was truly something of value for everyone!"

Betty Wroubel
Head Volleyball Coach
Notre Dame Prep (MI)

"I have attended many coaching clinics, however, Glazier Clinics are by far the BEST. The sessions are GREAT, and you leave with a ton of information to bring back to your program. My coaching staff and I are looking forward to next year!."

Dawn C'deBaca
Head Volleyball Coach
Volcano Vista HS (NM)

"Going to Glazier Volleyball was re-energizing! I was so excited when my staff and I left the clinic; we talked the entire 4 hours home on what we would like to see with our program next year… Thank you for getting me even more excited about the game of volleyball! I wish my entire staff would have been able to attend."

Darla Warfield
Head Volleyball Coach
Morristown Jr./Sr. HS (IN)